Client Centric
We are committed to our clients satisfaction. We focus on their priorities to maximise their value creation.

While we provide tailor-made solutions to our clients, we seek excellence during the whole execution process of transactions.

The quality of Capinvest Partners services is backed by our quality oriented organization. Our information system and ‘four eyes’ reviews support the excellence of Capinvest Partners deliverables throughout their achievement process.

Capinvest Partners commits not to disclose any confidential information and we forbid ourselves from taking benefits from insider information, or making third parties do so.



Capinvest Partners is not held by institutional but by its professionals. Our only and unique activity is Financial Advisory.

Client Interest First
This implies that we serve our clients with impartiality, loyalty and fairness.


We practice Financial Advisory with an ethic that honours us as well as our profession.


We invest in our professionals
Our main assets are our human resources, we develop their skills through internal and external national and international certifications and training sessions.

We invest in our clients relationship
Our ambition and priority is to implement a long term relationship with our clients and to assist them during their development process.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We select clients and partners that share our values and behave, like Capinvest Partners, in a social and environmental responsible manner.

Integrity Sustainable Developement Professionalism